Behind the Scenes

There’s not much special going on here. Just a regular girl with  a sweet tooth.

Like most, I enjoy all things chocolate and baked goods make me feel all warm inside, but when I think of all the butter, sugar and eggs packed into those tiny little morsel the guilt piles on. This is why most of the recipes you’ll find here are vegan, even though I do eat dairy products. I want to create delicious snacks that taste heavenly without all those sinful ingredients. I like to eat what I want and feel good doing it.

As a student in my fourth year of studies I’m pretty broke most of the time so I use cost effective ingredients. While I’m no professional, baking is a passion of mine. I like creating something so tasty out of nothing.

The kitchen is my lab. I am the mad scientist.

And when the dough rises it’s alive!


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2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. You sound great ! I always look amazed at people who can cook sweet things lol because I can’t cook anything 😦 And because I think baking is quiet hard ! Your blog looks good I will go through some more of your posts soon ! Prayers and wishes. Love xx

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