Roasted Garlic Rustic Potato Mash

Roasted Garlic Rustic Potato Mash

These potatoes have a great flavour from being roasted with garlic rather than boiled like traditional mashed potatoes. I still love creamy mashed potatoes but some days I just need a little texture. Plus, keeping the skins on during cooking helps keep in the potatoes nutrients and the skins themselves are full of Viatmin C (one medium potato has 45% DV!), Potassium, Vitamin B6, Iron, Magnesium and even a bit of protein. Roasting potatoes is a great way to free up your stove top if you have a lot on the go and really packs in the flavour.


1 package of mini red rousse potatoes
1 package of mini golden potatoes
7 – 10 cloves of garlic
3 tbsp. (approxinately) canola oil
2 tbsp. vegan margarine
3 tbsp. soy, almond or rice milk
Parsley or fresh herb of your choice
Salt and Pepper


1. Preheat the oven to 425oF.
2. In a bowl toss the potatoes with the oil, salt and pepper so the they are completely coated with oil.
3. Put potatoes and whole garlic cloves in a 9×13 pan.
4. Cover with foil and bake for about 30 minutes.
5. Once potatoes are cooked take a potato masher and use it to tear the skins. Not mashing but using the side of the masher more. Do this right in the pan you roasted them in as it will utilize all that garlic oil in there and the hot pan will keep the mash hot longer.
6. Once the skins are broken up cut add the margarine in about 6 pieces in different areas of the pan for an even distribution and add the almond milk. Mash potates just until the butter and almond milk is evenly incorporated
7. Add salt and pepper if necessary.
8. Top with fresh herbs of your choice.


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